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Getting over a bad cold with excellent heating equipment

I am a bit behind schedule currently since last night I couldn’t fall asleep even past 4 am at night.

I’ve been a bit under the weather these past 5 days and I have been resting a lot during the day. This means that when nightfall comes, I hardly get time to sleep and often find myself restless because I hardly get sufficient exercise. With the fact that I overdo my athletic hobbies, maybe this is the perfect time for me to heal from some of the injuries that resulted from me not resting enough. I have chosen to play drums and maybe sing during some days of the week and then the next few days I can work on the HVAC job with my buddy Billy as long as I feel better, hopefully this will happen soon. I’m struggling with a sore throat now but most of the other symptoms have gone away, and I must confess that this sore throat is no joke. In fact, it feels as though I consumed numerous thumbtacks with each swallow I take. The HVAC company allowed me to stay home for the whole week because they never want all of the cooling technicians working there getting sick, which is what has been happening for the last few days. I still have less than 2 days to reclaim before I resume working again. Therefore, I think I will be okay and won’t get anyone infected. My heating system is also helping by keeping me warm right now as I try heating my body up as a way of boosting my immune system. I think I will be fine in less than a day and then life will begin to make sense again.

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