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Good memories of my old man

As I listen to Tiny Bubbles by Don Ho, I can’t help but think of my grandpa, who we fondly called Peeps.

Everyone agrees that this is one cool song especially because of how Don sings not to mention that the song is short and sweet.

The wonderful sounds are great as every time I listen to it over and over I get to remember Peeps. I can still visualize my gramps singing along while pouring himself a glass of whisky. He was an HVAC worker, and a respected one in the heating and cooling industry. He focused on heating and cooling equipment salesmanship where he went door to door selling a/c units and space heaters. He once told us of how he had drunk over 10 packs of beer every day for 5 decades and he used to be hungover. Even at that, Peeps was still a great A/C rep. I am just grateful that I cannot drink like that since besides the consequences of drinking too much, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Working on an HVAC duct all day is not simple and I couldn’t do it with a throbbing headache. I believe it would be so much more difficult. I choose to stick to my water with lemon for the most part and may try an occasional beer just to honor Peeps. My buddies and I still have his lakehouse and go down the basement to smell the musty scent and check on the oil heating system that Peeps would work on when he returned home from his Heating and cooling sales job for the day. I will also remember him as I drink a cold one this weekend if my flu goes away.
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