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Four more heating reps to meet

I am going to work on one more story and then make either a grilled cheese or a tuna sandwich.

I’m leaning towards tuna since I still have a cold and I don’t think my body will adjust well to dairy products just yet.

Maybe I will make a large salad instead to maximize on the nutrients that my body needs to help it ward off this flu that I have had to handle in the past multiple days. My friend will be visiting in a few days and I need to beat this cold or she will have to postpone her visit. Heating & cooling equipment repairs may be what I normally do weekly at the cooling tech company close to my home. However, this week is an off week for me because of this cold that has been troubling me for a few days. I guess I got too tired last weekend because of the many athletic hobbies and the partying I did. This must be my body’s way of telling me to take things slow and also invest in taking better care of myself. My space heating system is on currently since I took a cold shower this day to try and stimulate my immune system and also boost my white blood cells. I think it is working because I’ve been taking a cold shower each day and the cold seems to be ending. I ran my mini split a/c unit all night long last night since it was too hot and not conducive with the fever, not to mention that I was dripping profusely with sweat.. Possibly the cold will be gone and I will be back on my feet within two days.

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