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Won a heating system on the show

I ended up winning a heating and Air Conditioning system on a sound station call last month. This was the first time that this kind of thing has ever happened to me in my entire life, that’s for sure! I never won anything at all, and even back when I was a kid I didn’t ever win anything. I can’t remember ever winning a single tournament back when I was playing t-ball, and I never even won a round of bingo when I used to go to carnivals with my friends! I was just destined to lose my entire life. That’s just how it has always been with me and so when I called into this music program to try and win a brand new heating and cooling system that they were giving away, I did not have entirely high hopes at all. I knew that there was entirely no way that I was ever going to win since I never have won anything else before. When I called in and got through to talk to the sound announcer, I was shocked. When they asked me some questions that I knew all of the answers to, I was even more shocked. However, by the time we finished with all of the questions and I realized that I had won the grand prize, I couldn’t believe it myself. I was so shocked that I could barely even contain myself, but now I have to wait to get the new Heating and Air Conditioning system installed and I am so gleeful that I can barely wait. I never thought I would ever win anything in my life.

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