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The air con wasn’t on

Bill and Jake had the best time spending the weekend at the beach.

They had longed for this the entire winter when the temperatures were not so good.

So, they made sure to take two weeks from labor for their short trip. As professionals, they have stressed lives and demanding work. However, Jake and Bill make sure to always keep their fire burning. They met about seven or so years ago and they moved in together two years later. It’s been so fantastic having their awesome bond, and they always feel grateful they found one another. Bill had taken care of the bookings, and they ended up having a perfect getaway. When they got back home, they were ready to return to the office and get back to work. However, on their first evening at their home they noticed the air was off. It was weird since they’d set the cooling system on trip mode. The cooling system would still keep running and keep their house comfortable. However, by the look of things the A/C had failed. That’s why their house had a funny smell and felt quite muggy. Since they arrived home at 8 pm, there wasn’t much they could do. There was a local heating and A/C company that gave same-day repairs. However, it was too late to try them without paying emergency service costs. They slept with a portable A/C on, and called the contractor early the next morning to come and fix their A/C. They spent the day resting, unpacking, and waiting for them to arrive.


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