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He was complaining it was too humid in the lake house

Luther and his friend were about to make some bad decisions, and things didn’t look so bright.

They had fallen on some hard times, and Luther’s friend began speaking to him about a bad plan.

He was advocating they break into this old lady’s lake house and look for jewelry to steal. Luther was in a desperate situation, but he thought long and hard of what would happen if he ever got caught. After that, he said he wouldn’t do it, and ended the friendship there and then. Luther had once worked a summer cleaning windows and mowing lawns. So, he sought to resume doing so. There were many lake houses in the area that he knew would need his services, Luther began spreading the word. One homeowner contacted him about cleaning his windows, and mowing a small lawn. Luther arrived at the house on time and began his work while chatting with the owner. The guy was complaining that his lake house was too humid, and the HVAC system wasn’t helpful. Luther once dated a lady who was an HVAC technician and he got to learn a few things about HVAC systems. The lady informed him that humidity can affect the comfort levels in your home, hence the need for a HVAC cooling system. If you still experience high humidity, think about installing a dehumidifier to help lower the levels in your home. Luther informed the guy that it would be best if he got a dehumidifier to help improve his comfort levels. They kept talking as he cleaned the windows and the guy found an online HVAC store selling dehumidifiers.


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