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It was evident they needed a new furnace pronto

Martha, Jim and I were on a conference call to address a few issues with our business.

  • Things were going well, and I was so happy with the progress we’d made.

However, we were experiencing some shipping issues. Some of the packages were getting damaged on the way, and this was costing us money. So, we had to talk and find out the best way to ship the packages so we don’t let down our loyal customers. Jim suggested we go with a more expensive option so we don’t have so many returns and complaints. It was better we add a bit more to the prices and get them there in the right condition. As we talked, I noticed both Martha and Jim were wearing sweaters indoors. I asked why they didn’t have their furnace on, and they said it had failed earlier that morning. The furnace in their home was almost two decades old, and they knew it was on its last leg. Jim mentioned their energy bills had been increasing, and now they had to find a way to replace the aging unit. Since it was winter, that wasn’t the ideal time to buy a new unit. Soon it would be spring, then summer in our area. That was the best time to purchase a new furnace to install in their home at a good price. In the meantime, they were expecting some space heaters they’d ordered online and requested same-day shipping. Space heaters are good for heating spaces, and there wasn’t much of winter left.

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