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The landlady kept her word and had the heating system fixed

When I relocated for work, I wanted to rent a home with at least three bedrooms for my family.

I am a single mom of three kids, and my career is finally taking off.

However, I didn’t want to leave my kids behind when I moved to the new city. So, we talked and I decided to rent a big house outside the city so they’d all be comfortable. This meant a 45 minute commute in the morning and evening, but that wasn’t too bad. Since their dad left, we have all learned how resilient we can be, and are making the most out of life. I did find the right house to rent online before relocating, and we confirmed it was the best pick once we relocated. However, I had an issue with the heating system on my first week staying in the house. The landlady was the kindest woman and she was always willing to have issues fixed fast. We had moved in during late fall and the days were becoming chilly, so we had to turn on the heating system early. It worked well to heat the rental house that first week, but then the unit began to fail. The landlady requested I try to adjust the thermostat settings, but even that didn’t help. So, she promised to send over an HVAC expert to fix the faulty unit. The next day, an HVAC expert arrived at the house and got to work to fix the heating system. Our home felt nice and warm once more, and I was so happy the landlady kept her word.

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