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We hoped the cottage wasn’t too far for the heating expert

My friend and I did something crazy late last year.

We purchased a cottage in the middle of winter.

Joel and I had always talked about buying a cabin or a cottage somewhere remote. We’d pick an area with beautiful landscapes, and hopefully get a few acres of land. Joel and I grew up together, and our parents loved traveling to such places. They didn’t mind whether it was spring, summer, fall or winter. Once or twice a year, they pack up and go somewhere nice for a week or two. They said the break from the lights, skyscrapers and crowds was necessary to keep their minds. Well, now Joel and I are adults and we see why they always insisted on these trips. And we wanted to create the same experience for other people. So, we went searching and found the most gorgeous cottage for sale that was within our budget. The next thing we had to handle was the heating since we planned on staying there during winter. Joel and I work remotely, so we chose winter as the best time to go and test out the cottage. But, there was no way to survive in that area without proper heating. We asked around in a town not too far away, and got contacts for an HVAC business. We hoped the cottage wasn’t too far away for the heating expert as we placed a call requesting their services. Luckily, we were within the service areas of the HVAC business and they sent out a heating expert to help us out.

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