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The cooling specialist replaced my nasty air filter

When I said to my friends I wanted to own a farmhouse and a farm, they laughed. I guess this was an odd thing to say while we were at a bar in the middle of the city. But, as I kept explaining my reasons, it dawned on them that I was dead serious about this idea. Then, their laughter turned into silence, then words of concern. I assured them I had enough experience about farms since I grew up in one. My parents owned a dairy farm, and I’d gotten out of there as soon as I got into college. However, I was now missing the simplicity of that life. The city does have its perks, but it’s also a place where your soul gets sucked dry. About two years later, I took the leap, and moved to my farm in the countryside. It’s been such an exciting experience and I got to meet great people like Nash, my cooling specialist. My first summer living in my farmhouse was quite interesting. The previous owner had a HVAC cooling system and I inherited it from them. The only thing I forgot to do was have a cooling specialist come and perform maintenance. Well, in the middle of a hot day, my cooling system failed and I was sweating so much. I had to find contacts for a local HVAC company, and they sent Nash to my home. Nash managed to replace my nasty air filter which caused the unit to fail, and we’ve become great friends. He’s even coming to my home twice a year to ensure both the heating and cooling systems are working properly.

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