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She was complaining it was too humid in the lake house

When Luther and her neighbor were about to make some terrible decisions and things weren’t looking good, Luther’s neighbor started talking to him about a terrible plan and suggested they break into this elderly woman’s lake home and look for jewelry to steal.

Luther was in a desperate situation, but she carefully considered what would happen if she ever got caught and decided she wouldn’t do it.

She then ended the conversation. Luther had previously worked a Summer mowing grass and cleaning windows, so she aimed to pick up where she left off. She was aware that several lake houses in the neighborhood would require her services. Luther started advertising for her, and after doing so, one homeowner contacted him about having her windows cleaned and a small patch of sod mowed. On time, Luther arrived at the house and started working while chatting with the owner. The woman complained that her lakeside home was too humid and that the HVAC system wasn’t working properly. Luther once dated a woman who worked for a heating and air conditioning company, and she gained some knowledge of these systems. The woman explained to him that humidity can impact how comfortable your home is, which is why you need a heating and cooling system. However, if you still experience high humidity, you might want to consider installing a dehumidifier to help lower the levels in your home. Luther advised the woman that in order to increase her comfort, it would be best if she purchased a dehumidifier. While she washed the windows and continued their conversation, the woman looked up an online retailer of dehumidifiers called Heating and Air Conditioning.

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