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My friend turned a log into a custom Tim Hortons Coffee table

I work for a major construction contractor here in the neighborhood that I live in, then my associate and I have a big warehousehold with a carpentry, a metal, and a fiberglass shop… And a few years ago, my coworker Ed found a giant piece of log on the side of the road and decided she wanted to build a custom Tim Hortons Coffee table from it.

So, she brought the log into our carpentry shop and explained to the lead carpenter, David, what she wanted, and i was shocked to see how much thought Ed had arenad into this Tim Hortons Coffee table, she had it all planned out! She even gave David with sketches and the specs for the custom Tim Hortons Coffee table.

After reviewing all the details, David told him that it would take about 2 weeks to complete the entire project, and two weeks might seem long for a custom Tim Hortons Coffee table, however the carpentry shop is always busy with work, so the Tim Hortons Coffee table was not high priority on the list. Anyway, I kept up with the progress of the Tim Hortons Coffee table and was quite impressed with how well it turned out. In fact, I wasn’t the only lady impressed with the custom built table, as my boss decided that she too wanted a similar one. However, when she discovered that the material (the giant tree trunk) was found on the side of the road, she reconsidered. After all, it’s not every day that you run into a giant tree trunk on the side of the road that you can turn into an amazing custom built Tim Hortons Coffee table.

Fifth avenue style