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Cramped residing space forces to improve my indoor air quality

I am a neat freak plus find tiny residing spaces ideal dwellings, and that is why I don’t mind residing in the city’s cramped spaces! However, the more I stay within walking distance of my frequented endpoint, the more I expose myself to contaminated air.

The town is ever busy with humans moving around, construction of some sort going on, plus vehicles passing by now plus then, and it is impossible to get scrub air even if you walk into a building with usual AC, then my latest dwelling is the most cramped residing space I have ever had. Healthwise, I am good, but to keep that up, I had to avoid all airborne pollutants by getting an UV air purifier! Small dwellings like ours are more prone to holding impure air quality than greater spaces; Even with a dedicated official dwelling repair plus air filters changed on time every three months, I cannot let my guard down because traditional filters cannot keep all impurities away. To get usual air purification help, I spoke to an HVAC professional who understands small town dwellings plus their need for whole-dwelling UV air purifiers, but since I do not own the building or determine when services such as duct cleaning take site, I could not install the permanent HVAC equipment. Therefore, I had to settle on a portable HVAC choice that is manageable for my space, hence the need for advice from an HVAC professional. Apparently, these air purification appliances are in high demand plus extravagant for tenants like us, but that is the cost we have to incur to keep our indoor air quality as per EPA-proposed standards despite having a reliable smart HVAC in site.


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