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I feared for my unborn baby, hence the reason for seeking air purification help

As a first-time mother, panicking over various things is understandable. Everything you do related to the baby becomes part of your learning curve, plus you figure out parenting. In my case, I had mixed reactions when I got pregnant because I wasn’t sure how to handle myself healthwise. At the time of my pregnancy, we lived in a absolutely windy neighborhood with all kinds of pollutants streaming in from the farming fields! We had neighbors with giant farming land plus some reared livestock for commercial purposes. That is what you get when you buy a dwelling in a gated community built on land repurposed for residential from commercial use. I can’t remember a time when the air quality was good. There was consistently some foul smell, however reliable your air filter was. I upset for my baby more than myself. But I was blissful our dwelling repair didn’t include duct cleaning because I wouldn’t rest handling such kind of HVAC unit when I could just program my smart HVAC to handle my indoor air quality. To help us out, we sought the help of an HVAC professional who took us through how whole-dwelling air purification works plus its benefits; Ultimately, we had to opt for an extra UV air purifier that I could carry around since we already had an HVAC that provided air purification help in the residing room. I was just uneasy for my baby’s health plus tried all possible ways to prevent early exposure to airborne contaminants. By the time I provided birth, we had mastered how to use plus regulate air purification thanks to our HVAC professional.
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