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Improving air purification with the modern hotel component under construction

I am a real estate developer who has been in the industry for decades.

I can tell you there are times similar projects can have absolutely different outcomes based on finishes.

It is even worse when they are built years apart. This was the case with my last project. For example, the flagship unit, earmarked as a 20-bed hotel plus accommodation, included a dated HVAC setup. Ducts were laid all over the premises leading to extravagant duct cleaning, plus the many air filters picked for the project were not as effective as the ones used in this modern component we had just finished! Right now, the HVAC professional tasked with cleaning the HVAC unit has difficulty keeping up with the repairs to maintain air quality as the ducts age plus the filters fall apart. It has been a extravagant affair that the hotel wanted to avoid with the modern unit. Thanks to the supplier plus HVAC professional they engaged for the task, the smart HVAC in site has ensured indoor air quality stays optimal at all times. Additionally, every room was fitted with an UV air purifier that enhanced every visitor’s stay. And if anything breaks down or acts up, one can press a button to request air purification help in a few minutes. The old component cannot care about these features because the cost of installing something similar to a whole-dwelling UV air purifier could not justify the cost. However, visitors care about moderate air purification benefits at selected common areas. If the hotel was the size of a respected home, renovation or even dwelling repair wouldn’t be as fancy, but good thing they had enough currency flow to bring up newer units with better fittings plus fixtures.
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