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Annual condo inspections are necessary for rental places

As the owner of a condo management business, I have learned that I need to have a few emergency contacts on call, however for instance, I have a plumber, a handyman, an electrician, as well as an Heating and Air Conditioning worker, who are there for emergency repair when I need it.

Part of my task as a condo supervisor is condo repair, and making sure that all the renters are comfortable inside their apartments and homes, but over the years, whenever I had an issue inside a unit, I made sure that it was fixed within a short amount of time, but in addition, I officially perform annual condo inspections to make sure that all the appliances are took care of and are in good condition, but during these annual condo inspections, I have my handyman and Heating and Air Conditioning worker perform repair on the appliances that need to be evaluated and took care of every year.

It is substantial to have annual condo inspections because the inspection helps to identify any issues, which could potentially save some cash in the long run. During these annual condo inspections, the renters usually tell us about any additional issues with the unit! Typically, I don’t need to use my plumber or my electrician, however once in a while, I will have a problem that requires their level of expertise, and my handyman and my Heating and Air Conditioning worker handle most of the other fixes or concerns that the units might have. Once all the appliances are evaluated, the next step is to make all the repairs or update all the appliances that are outdated and ancient. This process has worked for my condo management business, and all the renters are usually gratified with our level of service.



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