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My boyfriend scheduled botox injections for a droopy eyelid.

My boyfriends eyelids were beginning to droop.

The doctor said some of the drooping was being caused by the heavy rings he had in his eyebrow.

He didn’t believe that was the reason, but he took out the rings. His eyelid had drooped so much that it was beginning to impede his eyesight, and it had him worried. When the doctor told him he needed to go to a skin doctor or a plastic surgeon. A skin specialist may be able to give him botox injections for the drooping eyelid, but he thought it would be better to go to a plastic surgeon. With a few nips, they could remove the excess skin, and he would be back to normal. Before go under the knife, he thought he would first try the botox injections. He got into the specialists office and told him he was there for botox injections. The doctor shook his head. He told him he could give him botox injections for the wrinkles in his forehead, or for his frown lines, but botox would not fix the drooping eyelids. It would puff it up and he would look unnatural. He suggested we go to a plastic surgeon and let them remove the flap of skin that was dropping over the eye. I knew my boyfriend wasn’t happy, but a black eye for a couple of weeks was better than not seeing. As we were leaving the doctor’s office, he told us that if either of needed botox injections for headaches, or wrinkles, we could always come back to him.


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