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They needed some more roofing work done

A neighbor of mine wanted to come visit me, so my associate and I spoke on the cellphone on the right dates. My friend and I both work full time so my associate and I needed to make sure my associate and I got the timing right. Apart from visiting me, he also wanted to see my property area, however for the longest time my neighbor and his family wanted to relocate to a new area. He and his partner grew up in the same town, and had even gone to university in the area. So, it felt like the right time to try and find a new area to live in, and this would also give their two year olds a chance to explore new places. We’d spoken on the cellphone about when he’d come for a visit. At that time, my associate and I didn’t have a timeline, although he now felt it was the right time for the visit. However, first he had to make sure their roof was in the best condition. The goal was to put their property on the market soon, however not before getting urgent roof repair. My neighbor had mentioned that they were having concerns with their outdated roof, so they had to consult a roofing corp before making any decision. Selling a property depends on its new condition and no one wants a problematic roof. The best thing to do was get a roofing supplier to send a roofing worker for an inspection. The guy said the roof could last another 11 years, however only with official roofing repair, otherwise they’d be forced to do roofing replacement if the problems went on for much longer. My neighbor wanted to be there for the roofing repair then he’d come for the visit.

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