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Felicity needed urgent wasp extermination in her home

Felicity is always looking forward to summer.

She is an avid florist, and she has planted many amazing plants and flowers around her home.

Since she works from home, this hobby has become something she indulges every day. When the weather starts smiling down at her, she knows spring is on its way. This is the time to clear her flower beds, and even plant seedlings. Early preparation is key if you want to enjoy the best blooms during the long summer months. Felicity learned all about flowers from her granny. She had an impressive flower garden, and the gift has been passed down. This past spring, Felicity had to travel for a while, and by the time she got back, it was late May. She resumed work, and also got busy working on her flower beds. One morning, Felicity was busy clearing a patch in the back when she came across two wasp nests. She’d dealt with wasps before and knew this was nothing to play around with. Since Felicity would always be outside working on her flower beds, she had to get urgent wasp extermination. There are several local wasp extermination businesses in her area, so Felicity knew she’d get help. Wasps tend to nest in homes in the area, so many people hire the experts to handle wasp extermination and avoid disastrous DIY projects. The exterminator was on another job and promised to be at her home early the following morning. It seemed Felicity would have to go inside and wait until the wasp removal was complete before resuming her activities.
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