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My boss had to get commercial bee removal services

I love my job, and I truly have the best boss in the world.

When I left the city to work in a smaller town, I wasn’t sure how it would be.

However, one thing was certain, I needed a change of pace. All my life, I’d longed to move to the city and live in the fast lane. I left home early for college and ensured I chose a school far away. Life was good, and I even got to find a job in the city after graduation. However, the pandemic sort of changed my perspective. Things like going out, shopping, and all that I had thought mattered didn’t. I found myself longing for my hometown and began searching for a job there. I got a position as a real estate agent in a small firm and made the move immediately. I lived at home for a few months, and then got a place of my own. Last week, I had been there for two years, and I felt so awesome. Well, that was an eventful day because we had bees invade the office while we were attending a meeting. The area has many flowers and plants that attract bees. So this wasn’t a surprise. The surprising thing was how big the bee colony was, and my boss had to get commercial bee removal services. Bees aren’t awful, but they sting, and it hurts so much. Since this is our office, we had to get nee removal to ensure our safety, and that of clients coming to inquire about our services. Bee removal is better than bee extermination since these are important creatures.
Honey bee rescue