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Mom got a good quote from the door company

When dad left, mom wasn’t sure if she’d make it.

There’s so much that goes into running a house, so you need to be at the top of your game.

But, one thing my mom has never been is a quitter. She went to work, at times having two jobs at a time. Then, she’d go to school at night to get her nursing degree. There’s much that she didn’t handle at the house in those early times. But, she always made plans to work on renovations once she was out of school and working a better job. The time has finally come and I can say she is thriving in her career, and also as a person. Mom even started renovating the house making sure different parts were upgraded. She began by contacting a roofing company to find out if she needed roof replacement or roof repair. The roof contractor was honest, thank goodness, and told mom there was no need for roof replacement. Instead, he did a thorough inspection and recommended roof repair to ensure it serves us longer. The next area mom wanted to tackle was the doors in our home. She wanted a more modern look and had seen some lovely doors at a friend’s house. So, mom contacted a door company to get a quote for the same doors. A sales agent from the door company got back to her, and mom got a great quote for new doors. Now, she plans to move on to building a deck to help make the house even more appealing with the best deck installation.


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