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Abby was happy with the roofers efficiency

Abby was surprised when her uncle shared the news with her.

She had just inherited a house from her grandpa. She’d never known he owned a house in that area, and was even more surprised he left it to her. Abby was raised by her uncle, aunt, and grandparents. She never knew her mom and dad, and always felt they were her family. Abby was so sad to lose her grandpa, but it seems he was always thinking about her. Her uncle explained that on top of receiving the house, she also got money to upgrade it. It had been a rental for a long time, but she was free to live in it if she wanted to do so. After taking some time to think about it, Abby decided to renovate the house and live in it. The first thing she wanted to do was install a new roof. Her uncle had told her about the roof that was falling apart. So, Abby phoned a roofing company to find out the cost of a new roof. Since she had funds to cover the cost, Abby didn’t hesitate to go ahead with the job. The roofing company was punctual and ensured their roofers did the job in the time scheduled. They had agreed they’d be done with the roof replacement in three days, and on day three, Abby had a brand new roof. She was happy with the roofers’ efficiency and ensured she left a positive 4.9 star review on Google for the company. Next, she hopes to have the same company handle siding replacement.


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