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My company and shopping area needs a modern roof

When our Dad died, she left me all of her commercial and residential properties, and this includes a company and shopping center situated east of the freeway on highway nine.

The shopping center has been there since the village was built fifty years ago, it’s a single of the last buildings with the seasoned village emblem on the side.

I thought about selling the building a couple of times, but every tenant pays the rent on time and the shopping center is still pretty crowded during the shopping season, but a few days ago I got a call from a single of the tenants in that shopping and company center. The owner of the salon called because the roof was leaking above the currency register. The leak appeared to be small, although she thought she should tell me soon. I went out to look at the roof and on the way there, the owner of the company situated next to the salon called with the same complaint. I knew that was really bad news because those more than one businesses are so close. After carefully climbing to the roof to assess the disfigures, it’s clear that I need a roofing expert to handle these repairs. I really need a brand modern construction roof for the business. I don’t believe how much it’s going to cost to get the modern roof installed, but I have an appointment with a commercial roofing dealer on Tuesday; We’re going to check on the roof for the entire building, hopefully, they can give me an quote on all of the roofing repairs.


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