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Torn trapezius muscle

I keep myself in very good physical condition.

I am a vegetarian and avoid processed foods and fast foods.

I don’t smoke and rarely drink alcohol. I exercise every morning for approximately and hour. My workouts are a priority. Whether I’m tired, busy, stressed or feeling lazy, I still workout every day. I sometimes push myself beyond what is reasonable. I’ve worked our when I’ve had a fever, a migraine headache and various injuries. I usually feel energized and in a great mood after a training session. However, there are times when I make health issues much worse. An injury takes much longer to heal when I keep aggravating it. At one point, I strained my psoas muscle. The pain was excruciating, and I could barely walk. I managed to lift weights and kept attempting to run. I would irritate the muscle and suffer more severe pain because of it. Not that long ago, I overdid and tore my trapezius muscle. I have never felt such extreme pain. It was so bad that I could stand or even sit. I was forced flat on my back on the couch. There was no possibility of making it upstairs to bed. I couldn’t comb my hair or do anything. I laid on my back on the couch for three weeks. The upper left side of my back was swollen and purple. It was nearly impossible to sleep. The healing process was super slow. After three weeks, I was finally able to ride the stationary bike for just fifteen minutes with no resistance. It was another month before I could even attempt to do squats or lunges. Because of that experience, I am more careful with my body. I try to listen better to warning signs and not cause or worsen injuries.

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