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Mom’s sure bet strategy of minimizing HVAC strain in summer

This would in turn affect the airstream efficiency and interfere with the air quality

No matter how much I tried, I never got it right in summer. My electric bills have always been out of this world ever since I moved out to my own apartment. Mom pointed out that my air conditioning could be the biggest issue. All the time I had lived with her, her bills seemed to be perfectly balanced regardless of the season. I was therefore keen to know what she had to say about my air conditioner. Surprisingly, there are a few tips that have always worked for mom. She advised me to reduce the heat inside the house as the first thing. This would prevent my HVAC unit from overworking to counter the excess heat. The first thing I needed to do was close my window curtains when it got too hot. Mom also advised me to turn off lights when I was not using them as this would mean no extra heating took place. She also said I should always close windows and doors that let in heat from outdoors. Basically, the goal was to ensure no extra heating happened, especially if it was avoidable. Additionally, she advised me to alway have the fans running as these complement the air conditioner by spreading the cool air around the house and reducing the amount of cooling needed. I was also supposed to check for leaks. This means inspecting the ductwork of my air conditioning unit. Mine had become loose and the HVAC tech said they would soon get cracks if I did not act quickly. This would in turn affect the airstream efficiency and interfere with the air quality. Mom also advised that I should have the ducts cleaned professionally by a HVAC business at least every 3 to 5 years. These tricks will ensure my HVAC unit serves me longer and more efficiently.


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