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Conflicted on whether to buy HVAC maintenance contract for my home

My HVAC technician had tried for several months now to convince me to buy a new HVAC maintenance contract for my home. He thought that my newly installed HVAC system would benefit most from this service. The HVAC company he worked for had great deals for new customers and he wanted me to take advantage of the offers now that I had a new unit that he recently upgraded. I wasn’t sure about this since my unit was pretty new. What’s more, I had no problem paying the one-time service charge for the annual HVAC maintenance. However, the HVAC professional insisted that the new HVAC technology that comes with my new cooling and heating unit needed a lot of attention. As such, regular checks were necessary and this would cost me a lot of money if I was paying off-pocket. After some time, I agreed to enroll for the HVAC maintenance contract where I would be paying a small monthly fee to have the unit serviced. This is the best decision I ever made considering my HVAC tech is committed to checking on the unit after every three months. He has been working on a few minor issues which would have led to major concerns if they had to wait for the annual service. Besides that, I have noticed that my energy bills have reduced significantly ever since I joined the program. The heating and cooling system in my home seems to work more efficiently, and the air quality is amazing. I am not sure if this is because of the new unit, but I can agree that the regular HVAC equipment checks have helped. I can feel the difference from when the HVAC serviceman started coming in regularly.

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