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I decided to go it alone

I graduated from HVAC college about 6 years ago and my attempts to get any meaningful work is proving futile.

I have interned with several top-notch HVAC businesses, and even had a 6-month contract with a renowned HVAC company in our neighborhood. Unfortunately, I have never been lucky with securing a permanent job in the HVAC industry no matter how I tried. The past few months have been very frustrating because the HVAC professionals I work with don’t understand. They are always looking down on me and I want to quit. I shared my frustration with my wife who has been very supportive all these years. She believes that I can make it on my own if I start a business. She says that her friends think I am a great HVAC serviceman based on the few times I have helped them. Besides that, I have the certification to get me a practicing license, and our old store near the road would be a great venue to start from. I am actually considering this. I have collected all the relevant HVAC equipment repair tools and also made the right contacts to start off. Fear has always been my biggest problem and I was not letting it hold me back again. I would approach the bank for a small loan to set up the business and visit the relevant offices for licensing. While the idea was to get into HVAC sales eventually, I was willing to start as an HVAC professional. I would handle actual HVAC repairs, consultations, and offer an Air conditioner service plan. I am good with all types of HVAC installation services, and can handle heating and cooling units perfectly. I am thinking of advertising my services and will be meeting with a friend in town tomorrow to help me with this.

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