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People have strange hobbies

There is nothing I haven’t seen in my line of work as a HVAC technician.

I have since talked to my HVAC supervisor to give me calls of elderly women who need HVAC repairs and maintenance services only. There is a good reason for this too. Being a woman in an industry highly dominated by men, many of the clients look down on me until they are forced to work with me. I am always trying to explain to them that I have the experience and skills to solve whatever their problem is. Many are skeptical and never bother to hide it. I have since developed a thick skin as long as they don’t hinder me from doing my job. ANd then there is the other category of men who try to catfish me even when I am in my full work attire. Overalls, hemet, and toolbox doesn’t seem to deter them. This is the category that scares me even though I am well equipped to defend myself. While many are harmless, it still gets uncomfortable when the guy hangs around me with the intention of checking me out. I remember one time I was called to go fix a HVAC unit that had suddenly stopped working. This man only wanted to have someone in the house to record him as he danced naked. He had hoped a young male HVAC technician would be sent to assist him. He didn’t mind paying the HVAC company for the HVAC professnal’s time even though his heating and cooling unit was perfectly okay. He was embarrassed after I checked and found out that his HVAC equipment was up to date. In fact, it was one of the best HVAC technologies in the market and would be serving him well for a long time. Only whenI inquired further did he confess his intentions. Luckily, he had a rob on when I came to his door. I am so glad that the elderly ladies I get posted to are warmer and sweeter.