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Air conditioning and lodging choice come together

I wish I was as adventurous as my wife.

Sometimes, I just straight up wonder what it is about me that could possibly be attractive enough to stay married to. My wife always says that I’m just exactly what she was looking for and to stop that sort of talk. I do because we have a nice life here inside the central air conditioning of our home. Yet, we live such different lives outside of the central air conditioning of our home. My wife is a freelance journalist and she travels a whole bunch. She’s as comfortable in a tent somewhere in Africa without air conditioning as she is in a fancy hotel. Actually, I’d say that she’s even more comfortable inside that tent. Fancy, my wife is not. I’m actually the one who is a bit more high maintenance when it comes to stuff like traveling. I just don’t like sleeping anywhere else than in my bed, with my pillow and my residential HVAC. Going to a hotel is not something that I really enjoy. So going to a hotel alongside the interstate is not appealing to me at all. Yet, there are times when we are traveling by car that this is quite necessary. Thankfully, my wife taught me to spot the HVAC equipment from the outside of the hotel as a first sign that it might be a decent place to stay. So I always look for the those big, commercial HVAC wall units before even pulling in to check on availability. My wife is absolutely right about this as those are the sort of commercial HVAC units that really do provide the best and most consistent air conditioning.

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