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My mom is coming to stay with us but she loves the a/c

My mom is coming to stay with us after she has surgery next week as well as I’m distraught about the fact that she loves the air conditioner so much. I just do not know if we’re going to be able to afford the air conditioner bills once she comes in as well as starts adjusting the temperature control in our house. I know that she’s going to do it because she easily has a lot of concerns with having great boundaries about things like that. It’s like she thinks that my house is her own house, which is nice since I used to live in her house when I was growing up, however my fiance doesn’t like the fact that she doesn’t appreciate our rules. He is actually concerned that it is a bad idea that she is going to come as well as live with us during her reusey time after the surgery. I do not easily know what else to do though because I do not have any siblings that she can go as well as stay with. Basically, I am the only one who can help take care of her after she gets the surgery done so we do not easily have much of a option other than to let her stay here with us. I do not easily feel it’ll be that bad if we can set some ground rules at the unquestionably start. I am just going to have to tell my mom that she can’t set the temperature control settings any lower than 74 degrees while she is here. At her house, she keeps the temperature control settings at around 65 degrees year round. It’s going to be a sizable difference for her, that’s for sure.

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