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Cooling down with air conditioning today

My battered shares are still fighting to stay alive at 28 cents and I am just going to weather the storm.

I was a fool buying it last year for $5.88 a share when now it is almost gone, but I will just hold on and hope for the best.

It has been a rough time watching the $100K dwindle down to a mere $5K where it is now. But it would be my luck to sell it now and watch the price climb to $10 in a year or so, then I would feel even worse. The heating supplier is in the same boat as I am, buying over half a million bucks worth of the thing last year at almost $8 a share with the HVAC systems work he did over the years. He has lost several hundred thousand bucks and also got divorced as a result. His cooling technician wife trusted him with her money and he basically lost it all, cooling down their love life and making them separate in the end. I’m sure that would stress any couple out when you think of all the work that went into saving that money. Maybe the HVAC company where we have our money invested in will turn it all around with their new HVAC technology coming out. Or maybe it will sink even further and the company will fall apart, but only time will tell that outcome. I could work more for the cooling supplier and dump more money into the stock but I probably should keep some of my HVAC tech income in the bank.

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