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Running the air con system for summer

Today is the first afternoon of summer time and also the longest afternoon of the year.

The sun sets here at 9:29pm and it isn’t dark till 10pm, which makes it tough to get to bed at a wonderful hour like I was doing all winter.

I suppose that is the only drawback of summer, but the rest of the stuff makes up for that drawback. We get to play volleyball as much as we want each afternoon separate from worrying about it getting dark, and usually I am not apartment till 11pm most evenings we play. My air con system will be running each afternoon from about 11 am till 5 pm, which is when it is heating up the most each afternoon, making my flat a furnace if I am not running the weather conditions control system. It is a certainly efficient system though and if I run it each afternoon like that it only costs me about $50 extra each month, a small price to pay for being comfy all afternoon. I don’t need to run the Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system’s cooling component at evening in the flat however I do run my mini split air conditioning component each evening in my kitchen. I bought the small component a few months ago so I would not freeze my flatmate out when I was cooling down my room at evening in the month of May! She is a heating and cooling contractor and he thought I was nuts for running the air conditioning when outside it was still in the 50’s at evening. To each his own, right?


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