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Cooling technology plus colds

It is 11am plus I am going to try plus write for another half an hour before I head out for a bit.

Today is a warm day plus it will be pretty warm when I go for a bike ride this day, however I will only go out for about 20 minutes, just enough time to eat my supper plus take a short swim. The water temp is now about 76F plus is outside of the zone where it helps the body, but the swim still wakes me up in the day quite well. The sea has been heating up the past few months since cooling down over the winter, plus now it will just be cool dips each day plus not freezing dips. I can do the same thing in my bathtub with freezing water plus bags of ice but I’m not sure I want to go through all of that hassle. Maybe the cooling corp sells some kind of cooling device where you can do a freezing water dip separate from needing bags of ice. I will go down there later this week when this freezing is gone plus ask them if they have such a thing. The cooling company usually knows about the latest plus greatest Heating, Ventilation plus A/C technology on the market, so going down there will answer all my questions I am sure. I just want to boost my immune system naturally plus feel that the freezing water dips are working well for that. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C worker who got me into the dips is in amazing shape plus never misses work at the local business.



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