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Sinus infection plus weather conditions control

I have a nice little infection in my sinus cavity plus now it has sunk down into my chest. It will be aggravating for about a week plus will be yet another patience teaching experience. It all comes down to patience plus being sick like this is the perfect time to practice the virtue plus improve on it a bit. I have to learn to relax more plus will use this freezing to teach me to stay calm plus just keep pushing ahead gently. You can’t make a freezing go away faster by being agitated, plus the HEPA filter lady told me that it will only prolong the freezing if anything, so staying calm this week in my weather conditions controlled flat is going to be the plan. I will put all of my other obligations on the back burner plus just focus on getting healthy plus well again! At least I have a fantastic Heating, Ventilation plus A/C system to keep me cool, unlike my other flat that had no a/c plus would heat up to the point of feeling like a heater. I usually run the air in here from around noon till about 5pm plus then I head out for the evening. When I get home it usually has been cooling down for hours plus my flat no longer feels like the inside of a gas fireplace, and my ancient flat would get so warm at night when I was trying to sleep that two fans couldn’t even cool me down. A fantastic a/c is a must in a place like this.

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