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Hot water heating device is leaking

I’m so delighted I ditched this modern loaf of bread I purchased after seeing how much sugar they added to it.

Now I have bread that has no sugar in it & my grilled cheese sandwiches taste so much better as a result.

I had some pasta sauce I was dipping the sandwich in, however with all the sugar they added to it the thing tasted like a sweet dessert. So now I dumped out the sweetened pasta sauce & got rid of the sugary bread & my sandwich tastes so much better now, and the local business that sells food has a lot of foods that have sugar in them, so when I am shopping at the air conditioned store I make sure now to read the labels & look for sugar! I recognize eating this sugar is what got me sick for a second time this past month, so now I am policing all my foods to make sure they’re void of sugar. The modern business in town has a great produce stand that she shops at when she is done working at the Heating & Air Conditioning business in town. I am going to take her lead & shop there from now on because they have no sugar in that store except for natural sugar in the fruits. The air conditioned store has actually great prices & a nice staff to help, so shopping in the weather conditions controlled store is kind of a pleasure. It reminds me of my mom & how she shops at the same store each week. I need to call my Heating & Air Conditioning rep mom today.
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