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There was mold in the vents

I have lived in the same household for various years now however recently I started to notice that something was off, then everytime I went outside or stayed at someone else’s condo I was fine, however as soon as I would come condo I would feel sick! At first I dismissed it as allergies or terrible indoor air quality, however but having terrible indoor air quality made no sense because I had a HEPA filter that had regularly done an excellent task.

I even checked my indoor air quality with an air quality test to ensure it was working like it was supposed to as well as the results came back fineā€¦ So if it wasn’t my indoor air quality then why was I getting sick all the time only when I am at the house? If it was something that was wrong with me I’d be getting sick all the time no matter where it was.

I couldn’t help however guess it was allergies, but I even went to the healthcare worker as well as got tested for allergies as well as came back disadvantage too. I was so confused as well as had no idea why I was having this type of reaction to being inside my house, however unfortunately, my illness only seems to get worse with time. Eventually it had come to a point when I needed to do something. I decided to have a HVAC duct cleaning since I figured that my ducts were overdue; When the heating as well as AC specialist came out as well as performed the cleaning on my HVAC duct he informed me that while my HVAC duct was in great condition structurally speaking, he told me that there was a genuinely real problem with it as well as that there was mold growing all throughout the HVAC duct as well as throughout the air vents. I told him that I had been getting sick lately as well as he would as well as then explain to me that it was because of the mold spores that I’ve been breathing in this entire time. He did a deep wash on the entire HVAC duct as well as recommended I stay out of the household for at least a couple weeks. I did as he said as well as when I returned back to the household my illness strangely disappeared. I was no longer sick anymore; it was really the result of the mold.


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