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First afternoon as a cooling specialist

When it was my first afternoon of being a heating as well as cooling specialist I was certainly nervous. This is exactly what I had been studying for this entire time as well as I had finally gotten to the final phase of where I wanted to be. I had gotten them to school, passed all my tests, got my Heating as well as A/C certification, passed the interview, as well as now landed the task. Since to everybody else I was still considered the new guy, I would be training with another more experienced heating as well as AC worker until I found my footing. This was no issue with me as well as the guy that I met today was genuinely nice, his name was Jim, as well as my associate and I instantly had a linkion. It didn’t take long before my associate and I became fast Friends. He was an excellent instructor as well as showed me all that I needed to know about the heating as well as AC task. I enjoyed going out on Heating as well as Cooling runs with him helping as well as assisting him with unusual people’s heating as well as A/C units. He would lead as well as I would help him out. I know that in the near future the time will come I will be doing all heating as well as AC repairs on my own, as well as the thought of doing all the hack repairs on my own both excites me as well as makes me nervous. I can’t wait until I am my own heating as well as AC professional, at the same time going into miss hanging out with Jim all the time

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