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First afternoon as a cooling specialist

When it was my first afternoon of being a heating plus cooling specialist I was entirely nervous.

This is exactly what I had been reading for this entire time plus I had finally gotten to the final stage of where I wanted to be.

I had gotten them to school, passed all my tests, got my HVAC certification, passed the interview, plus now landed the task. Since to everybody else I was still considered the new guy, I would be training with another more experienced heating plus A/C worker until I found my footing. This was no issue with me plus the guy that I met this week was absolutely nice, his name was Jim, plus my good friend and I instantly had a connection. It didn’t take long before my good friend and I became fast Friends. He was an excellent mentor plus showed me all that I needed to know about the heating plus A/C task. I loved going out on Heating plus Cooling runs with him helping plus assisting him with odd people’s heating plus air conditioners. He would lead plus I would help him out. I know that in the near future the time will come I will be doing all heating plus A/C repairs on my own, plus the thought of doing all the hack repairs on my own both excites me plus makes me nervous. I can’t wait until I am my own heating plus A/C specialist, at the same time going into miss hanging out with Jim all the time
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