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A long and tiring flight

I recently took a flight that lasted 14 hours! I cannot even guess I survived, however not because of how cheap or poorly piloted the plane was; There were no mishaps.

  • The complication was the agony of laying for over a dozen hours! Furthermore, I had a window seat, which afforded me the best view, of course, however it also meant disturbing the other two passengers every time I wanted to use the washroom, stand up, or stretch.

There’s one thing that I can at least say about this flight, however, and that is that it was a comfortable temperature from the moment we were seated to the moment we landed at our destination. I had always heard that airplanes were either too tepid or too cold. However, the one thing that I could not complain about at all was how comfortable the temperature was! It is amazing to me that a jet plane can have such robust insulation and such an incredibly effective heating and air conditioner system! The screen in front of me told me it was anywhere from in the drawback 68s outside to the drawback 50s degrees Fahrenheit up at cruising altitude, and what incredible climate control! Even the air quality within the household of the jet plane was fresh and breathable! You may not guess me, however it’s true! I hear these airliners use super-advanced HEPA air filters in the cabins, and I can guess it! While there was nothing I could do about laying for so long, at least I was not cold cold or covered in sweat!


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