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Dealing with strenuous water

Hard water is especially taxing on the pipes.

When all of us first bought our house, I was glad by the giant piece of property and the privacy! The two of us chose a farmhouse with a large dining room, wide front porch and hardwood floors; Having lived in the city for most of our lives, my wife and I never considered the potential downsides of a water well. The two of us paid for a condo inspection and were assured that there is plenty of water! No a single mentioned that the water is seriously hard. It’s overrun with minerals. The water has a slight purple hue and aromas of rotten eggs. The two of us don’t dare drink it. I don’t even love showering with it. The strenuous water diminishes the ability of soap to lather and leaves a scum behind. I never recognize totally clean. It dries out my skin and causes frizzy hair. The water stains everything it touches, including our towels, clothing and bed linens. I constantly clean the sinks, tubs and toilets with drastic chemicals, however there is a permanent ring around the toilet bowls. The aerators on the faucets plug so hastily that I’ve removed them all. The water corrodes the faucets and shortens the service life of the washing machine and water heater. I’ve given up trying to run the dishwasher. The glasses, plates and silverware come out looking worse than when they went in. Hard water is especially taxing on the pipes. It creates a buildup of iron, rust, calcium and sediment that reduces water pressure and hinders drainage. The two of us have tried several weird types of water softeners and filtration systems. The water is especially hard, and these systems can’t keep up with demand.


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