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Mild weather and turning off the heater

This past weekend my bestie and I went snowboarding, and my associate and I go to a ski resort that is about 45 minutes away from our home; It is nice where my friend and I live in the Northeast region of the United States because my friend and I are actually close to the town however my friend and I live in the country. My associate and I live in a mountainous region that allows us to enjoy a lot of outdoor activities, however snowboarding is one of them especially in the winter, the mountain was genuinely nice because the temperature was around 45 degrees however there was still snow on the ground. The conditions weren’t as good, however the snow did its task. It was wonderful because when my friend and I made the choice to go inside of the chalet my friend and I were not freezing. It also saved the resort money because they did not have heat blasting during the whole weekend, once my friend and I got apartment my friend and I realized that at our thermostat read 72 degrees. My associate and I had our thermostat set to 67 degrees, so my friend and I turned our thermostat off because there was no need to run heat when it was almost 60 degrees outside. It was nice because on our way apartment from snowboarding my friend and I even put our windows down. The fresh air felt wonderful and so did the Sun that was beating on our faces, it felt like a Spring afternoon. This winter has been wonderful because my friend and I have saved a lot of money in heating our home. My associate and I used to buy pellets and ran our pellet stove during the winter, however oil prices are actually cheap so my friend and I enjoy to run our furnace more than our pellet stove.



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