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Going through HVAC technician training and learning information about HVAC systems

When I graduated high school I was not sure what I wanted to do.

I definitely did not want to go to college.

I wanted to stay close to home and do some part time jobs. After 2 years of being out of high school I realized I needed to start making some more money and having a more secure job with benefits. My parent’s friend’s own a business in heating and cooling. My dad talked to his friend to see if he could get me a job. The job would entail me going to people’s homes and fixing their heating and cooling units. However I would have to do some extensive training to become an HVAC technician. At first I didn’t think it would be a good idea but the pay was very good and I could gain a lot of knowledge in this type of work. I went to school for 6 months and learned a lot about HVAC systems. There are multiple different types of HVAC systems and one of them that I have learned about is a split air conditioning system. This system is literally two systems. One system is located inside the house and the other system is located outside the house. The system is also known as central air. There’s also a mini split ductless system. This system does not rely on ductwork to bring heat or cooling air into one’s home. These two systems I am getting very familiar with. I’m hoping that in the next few months I’ll be done and be certified as an HVAC technician.