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Having an old home with an old steam radiator

When I was younger I was so fascinated by older homes.

My fascination was thanks to my dad.

Growing up, our house was full of antiques. Our antiques were from antique shows and purchasing them abroad. Seeing these antiques were a constant reminder everyday that you don’t need new and modern furniture and items to make a home. Our home was very unique thanks to the many different kinds of antiques that my family collected. Once I became older and was old enough to have a home of my own, I looked for an early 19th century home that still had a lot of the original furnishings. I found the perfect home in a small town outside of a major city. I kept a lot of the original flooring and items. Unfortunately I could not keep the original old steam radiators that were in the home. The old steam radiators were not just loud but I felt like they wouldn’t keep my home as warm. Plus I wanted an updated HVAC system. I looked up online and saw that the type of steam radiator system that I had was the one-pipe system. The boiler that is in the basement will heat up, causing steam that goes into the heating pipes, filling the inside of the radiator heater and forcing it through the vent. Once the hot air is through the vent, it heats the body of the radiator making it feel hot to the touch. This heat radiates off the body of the old steam radiator making the home feel warm. I like the look of it but I need a more reliable heating system during the winters.


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