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Colder weather is approaching and the steps to securing your HVAC system

Cold weather is vastly approaching… It’s coming here sooner than we may think.

We’re unluckyly out of the Summer months and getting into the fall months; As a new homeowner I like to make sure that while in each season my condo is ready to take on the elements that the odd seasons bring! This fall and this winter time will be the first fall and winter time that I spend in my new home.

I am somewhat nervous about the fall and winters because I live in the north east and we experience colder weather than the rest of the country does. With the help of my parents and professionals in the heating and cooling industry I have been told exactly what to do with my HVAC system before the cold temperatures hit. I was told that it’s important to examine the HVAC system, hVAC systems can last to about 20 years and it’s highly suggested that after that it get assessed by an HVAC serviceman to see if it needs replacing! My HVAC system was recently put in this Springtime so I do not need a serviceman to assess my HVAC system. It’s also important to have an HVAC serviceman come to do a maintenance and cleaning check about every six months. There are some HVAC providers, like mine, who offer maintenance plans every six months for a satisfactory price. I was also told that by changing an HVAC air filter it can prevent any malfunctions with your HVAC system. I have a reusable HVAC filter where I can clean it every few months and use it a few times instead of changing it out every six months.

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