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Mounted Air-Conditioning Unit in my Grandfatherrent’s home

I do not mind going to my Grandfatherrents house, but the reason for this is that they constantly have fantastic food lingering around in there for refrigerator.

The food that is in the refrigerator is homemade by my Grandmother… She makes all sorts of goodies from desserts to sandwiches! I was trying to make sandwiches the way that she makes them but they never taste the same.

The one thing that I do not like about going to my Grandfatherrents dwelling is how their home is cooled! During the summertime it is brutal walking into their home because of how sizzling it is, but my Grandfatherrents have never had any central air conditioning installed into their home even when my mom was a child residing there… When my mom was young they had no way to cool their home. It was only ceiling fans plus portable fans, however now that my Grandfatherrents are getting older they have realized that it’s important to stay cool during the summer. They have kept their fans but have updated to mounted air conditioning units in their home. They run their mounted air conditioning units a lot plus periodically I wonder if they’re wasting unnecessary energy plus money by having them on then just installing a central air conditioning unit. The costs between the mounted air conditioning unit plus central air may be similar since my Grandfatherrents have it on 24/7, but they are wasting a lot more energy than a central air-conditioning unit would be generating. Maybe one afternoon my Grandfatherrents would like to update their cooling system.

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