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I Bought Myself an Air Purifier For My Apartment

I was excited about the current media air purification system I got for my apartment.

After I was living in the space for a few months, I realized how disappointing the Heating and Air Conditioning maintenance was at the complex, my air quality was terrible, but management wouldn’t do anything about it. They claimed that they hired an Heating and Air Conditioning company to come maintenance the Heating and Air Conditioning units once a year, but I don’t believe it, however servicing Heating and Air Conditioning equipment once a year isn’t enough anyway. I live in the south, so my air conditioning is constantly running. Some afternoons, the temperature can rise above 100 degrees, which puts a lot of stress on my air conditioning. If I was living in my own home, I’d hire an Heating and Air Conditioning professional to come maintenance the equipment at the beginning of the summer time and at the end in order to make sure everything was running efficiently, but unfortunately, I was at the mercy of my property complex, but purchasing an media air purification system was the best I could do to keep the air I was breathing clean. I thought it could also assist my Heating and Air Conditioning system, by keeping the air clean enough to prevent my air conditioning from running so heavily. My media air purification system was one of the best, and I wanted HEPA air filters to add to it because they were known for removing bacteria and viruses from the air. I had a actually hard time finding the HEPA air filters, but I’m so glad I did! I had to pay a little extra, but I feel comfortable breathing in the clean air now.

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