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Happy to stop working on A/C machine

It is finally coming up on the time of retirement for me. I have been working in the heating and a/c company for over 50 years! For the last 20 years I have been working for the same heating and a/c company as one of their most certified heating and a/c specialists. It has been great! Previously before this I was an independent heating and a/c company, then when that finally provided out and I could get no more business, or at least enough to make a living due to competition of young and upcoming independent heating and a/c specialists I ended up going to this local heating and a/c company to work for them, but they were a lifesaver and made it so I could make it to retirement and collect the well deserved pension plan that I had worked so hard for all of these years, my last afternoon is this coming Thursday and but I may miss the people that I work with, I have to say that I am highly looking forward to no longer working at all! I have had enough heating and a/c maintenance and heating and a/c installation over all these years. It is time to relax and spend whatever life I have left doing what I want to do and when I want to do it! Retirement is a blessing and I am very much looking forward to it becoming a reality.

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