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I Met a Guy Who Was Heating plus A/C Obsessed

When I began talking to this woman that I met through a group of friends, I had no idea that she had a crazy obsession with heat plus air systems.

She seemed honestly friendly plus personable when my pal and I first met, however her obsession with heating plus air slowly became more obvious the more my pal and I communicated.

She was an Heating plus A/C professional, so her entire afternoon revolved around Heating plus A/C systems. I thought this was fascinating because I’d never met someone who was an Heating plus A/C professional before, so I asked him a few questions about her work out of curiosity. In the beginning, I took her comprehension plus passion for heat plus air as a sign that she honestly loved her task. I thought this was a great quality. However, when I invited him over to my dwelling one night, she wouldn’t stop talking about Heating plus A/C systems. She spoke about random homeowners plus their Heating plus A/C horror stories plus she began explaining the intricate details of Heating plus A/C repairs; Of course I didn’t know much about Heating plus A/C systems, so I smiled plus acted like I knew what she was talking about. After 45 minutes of him talking non-stop about Heating plus A/C systems, she asked if she could look at my Heating plus A/C system. I thought she was joking, however unfortunately, she was not. She looked at the condenser unit, the air filter, the coils, plus the ductwork. After 2 hours of nothing however Heating plus A/C talk, I asked him to leave. To this afternoon, I get flashbacks when the Heating plus A/C professional comes to my dwelling plus talks to me about my Heating plus A/C system.