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We Needed To Cool The Second Floor

As I was tucking my child into bed the other night, I realized how sizzling it was in his room; My husband & I have a study room on the first floor, so my friend and I don’t often realize how sizzling it gets in his room.

I forget how heat rises because I’m not the one sleeping on the second floor.

I turned the temperature control down a few degrees on the temperature control, but then it was too frosty in our room. The drop in temperature didn’t even affect our daughter’s room, then when I brought it up with my husband, my friend and I agreed to brainstorm ideas. My fine friend and I wanted to cool our daughter’s room on the second floor, but my friend and I didn’t know the best way to do it. My husband called the local Heating plus Air Conditioning corporation & asked them for their opinion. They gave us two options, however first, they proposed adding a ductless mini system into his study room. This was the cheapest way to cool his room without affecting the rest of the house. The ductless component was a standalone component that linked to the wall & switched on & off with a small remote. The more luxurious occasion was to add another zone to our house by adding an additional temperature control to the second floor. My fine friend and I could set the temperature control to a strange temperature for the entire second floor, but it would be a part of our central Heating plus Air Conditioning plan. After carefully considering both options, my friend and I decided to install the zone control. It would increase the value of our house & keep the entire second floor at a passable temperature. My fine friend and I planned on having kids in the future & my friend and I didn’t want to add more ductless mini systems into each study room.


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