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Making the upgrade to zone control

My house is nearly three thousand square feet of living space.

The residence was constructed in the early nineteen hundreds and features hardwood floors, high ceilings and big windows.

It is two stories and made up of sixteen separate rooms. When my family initially purchased the property, there was a single thermostat handling the entire home. We live in an area where the average outdoor temperature fluctuates from the mid-eighties to the negative digits. Heating and cooling is just about a year-round demand and a significant drain on the budget. It’s difficult and expensive to maintain a comfortable home. I wasn’t happy paying to heat and cool a bunch of unoccupied rooms. Plus, one thermostat made it impossible to meet the temperature needs of each specific room. If the living room felt overheated on an especially hot day, I either needed to overcool the rest of the house or have an uncomfortable room. I finally looked into making the upgrade to zone control. I was surprised that the HVAC technician was able to install a series of valves into the ductwork to direct airflow. We now have a thermostat in each of the rooms. Because they are smart thermostats, we’re able to not only focus on specific rooms but make adjustments through an app on our phones. It’s especially convenient, and we’ve quickly recovered the cost of the installation through energy savings. The furnace and air conditioner don’t need to work as hard, so hopefully they will be more reliable and last longer. Plus, each family member is able to tailor the temperature of their bedroom to their preference.


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